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Short BIO:
David is a retired mechanical engineer. He graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. After 21 years working as an engineer in the construction industry his right brain demanded equal time. He went back to college and got a Masters Degree in Storytelling from East Tennessee State University.  At the same time, he began studying the art of clowning and ballooning. Now he is a storyteller, clown and balloon artist.

Long BIO:
David Claunch was born in Somerset, Kentucky in 1961. After a number of moves, his family settled in East Tennessee and he graduated in 1979 from Daniel Boone High School in Gray, TN. He earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia in 1986, and worked in the construction industry for the next twenty one years until he discovered his true calling: that of storyteller and clown.

In October 2003, David attended the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough. Even though he lived only 20 minutes from Jonesborough when he was in high school, this was his very first exposure to storytelling and it changed his life; he fell in love with the art of telling stories. 

         David says he thinks the right side of his brain "woke up" at that first storytelling festival and demanded equal time with what had been given to the left side.

         Claunch discovered the art of clowning at the same time he discovered the world of storytelling, and has attended numerous clown conventions and educational workshops. He is also the official Clowns of America International Ambassador to the country of Bhutan. Clowning under the name of Dilly-Dally, he performs at regional events and he is a volunteer at both the Niswanger Hospital where he makes clown rounds as Dr. Dilly. David is also an accomplished balloon artist and can twist balloon sculptures that delight folks of all ages.

David completed his studies at ETSU in December, 2009. He has been a Performing Member of the Jonesborough Storytellers Guild since June, 2008 and tells at The Cranberry Thistle in Jonesborough with the Guild. In addition, he has told stories at a wide variety of festivals, conventions and conferences; the most notable are the Texas Storytelling Festival, Florida Story Camp and the National Storytelling Network Festival of the Regions.  He has told stories in libraries and schools ranging from kindergarten through high school as well as university classrooms in Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Connecticut and Texas. David also has facilitated workshops in storytelling, balloon artistry, and clowning.